Automated Logic WebCTRL 6.5 Unrestricted File Upload Remote Code Execution

Title: Automated Logic WebCTRL 6.5 Unrestricted File Upload Remote Code Execution
Advisory ID: ZSL-2017-5431
Type: Local/Remote
Impact: System Access
Risk: (4/5)
Release Date: 22.08.2017
WebCTRL®, Automated Logic's web-based building automation system, is known for its intuitive user interface and powerful integration capabilities. It allows building operators to optimize and manage all of their building systems - including HVAC, lighting, fire, elevators, and security - all within a single HVAC controls platform. It's everything they need to keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems, and validate the results.
WebCTRL suffers from an authenticated arbitrary code execution vulnerability. The issue is caused due to the improper verification when uploading Add-on (.addons or .war) files using the uploadwarfile servlet. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary code by uploading a malicious web archive file that will run automatically and can be accessed from within the webroot directory. Additionaly, an improper authorization access control occurs when using the 'anonymous' user. By specification, the anonymous user should not have permissions or authorization to upload or install add-ons. In this case, when using the anonymous user, an attacker is still able to upload a malicious file via insecure direct object reference and execute arbitrary code. The anonymous user was removed from version 6.5 of WebCTRL.
Automated Logic Corporation -
Affected Version
ALC WebCTRL, i-Vu, SiteScan Web 6.5 and prior
ALC WebCTRL, SiteScan Web 6.1 and prior
ALC WebCTRL, i-Vu 6.0 and prior
ALC WebCTRL, i-Vu, SiteScan Web 5.5 and prior
ALC WebCTRL, i-Vu, SiteScan Web 5.2 and prior
Note: Current supported versions are 6.5, 6.1 and 6.0
Tested On
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601)
Apache Tomcat/7.0.42
Java HotSpot Server VM 23.25-b01
Ant 1.7.0
Axis 1.4
Trove 2.0.2
Xalan Java 2.4.1
Xerces-J 2.6.1
Vendor Status
[30.01.2017] Vulnerability discovered.
[27.03.2017] Vendor contacted.
[13.04.2017] No response from the vendor.
[14.04.2017] ICS-CERT contacted.
[17.04.2017] ICS-CERT asks details to coordinate with the vendor.
[20.04.2017] Sent details to ICS-CERT.
[21.04.2017] ICS-CERT assigned ticket ID: ICS-VU-696479 to this issue.
[19.05.2017] ICS-CERT informs that the vendor has validated the issues and begun working on patch.
[07.06.2017] Asked ICS-CERT for status update.
[26.06.2017] ICS-CERT responded with vendor info: Vendor has created patch for 6.5 and currently working on patch for 6.1 and 6.0. Patch is available through their tech support organization as an individual patch.
[04.07.2017] Replied to ICS-CERT.
[31.07.2017] ICS-CERT informs that vendor is testing all patches and will shortly communicate to its dealers and installers. Developing an advisory for review and waiting for vendor on specific version details.
[31.07.2017] Replied to ICS-CERT.
[31.07.2017] ICS-CERT provides ZSL a draft advisory for review.
[01.08.2017] Replied to ICS-CERT.
[04.08.2017] Vendor has contacted ZSL with a request for more time.
[04.08.2017] Replied to the vendor and to ICS-CERT with new advisory release date proposal.
[04.08.2017] Vendor contacts ZSL for further discussions and planning.
[04.08.2017] Working with the vendor.
[11.08.2017] Vendor provides update, scheduling official release date to be 22nd of August.
[18.08.2017] Vendor provides mitigation details:

ALC applications should always be installed and maintained in accordance with the guidelines found here:
In addition ALC has released the following patches:
WebCTRL 6.0, Cumulative Patch #13
WebCTRL 6.1, Cumulative Patch #7
WebCTRL 6.5, Cumulative Patch #7 + WS65_Security_Update2.update
These patch releases may be obtained on the Automated Logic accounts website or calling Technical Support at 770-429-3002
i-Vu 6.0, Cumulative Patch #13
i-Vu 6.5, Cumulative Patch #7 + WS65_Security_Update2.update
The patch release may be obtained by calling Technical Support at 800-277-9852
SiteScan Web Version 6.1, Cumulative Patch #7, and
SiteScan Web Version 6.5, Cumulative Patch #7 + WS65_Security_Update2.update.
These patches may be obtained by contacting Liebert Services at 1-800-543-2378.
End users should contact their Carrier Controls Expert for i-Vu patches for support on installing the patches.

[22.08.2017] Coordinated public security advisory released.
Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko Krstic - <>
[2] Security_Best_Practices_Checklists_for_Building_Automation_Systems_(BAS)pdf.pdf
[22.08.2017] - Initial release
[23.08.2017] - Added reference [6], [7], [8] and [9]
[25.08.2017] - Added reference [10] and [11]
[28.08.2017] - Added reference [12]
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