DALIM SOFTWARE ES Core 5.0 build 7184.1 Multiple Stored XSS And CSRF Vulnerabilities

Title: DALIM SOFTWARE ES Core 5.0 build 7184.1 Multiple Stored XSS And CSRF Vulnerabilities
Advisory ID: ZSL-2017-5426
Type: Local/Remote
Impact: Cross-Site Scripting
Risk: (3/5)
Release Date: 09.08.2017
ES is the new Enterprise Solution from DALIM SOFTWARE built from the successful TWIST, DIALOGUE and MISTRAL product lines. The ES Core is the engine that can handle project tracking, JDF device workflow, dynamic user interface building, volume management. Each ES installation will have different features, depending on the license installed: online approval, prepress workflow, project tracking, imposition management...

ES is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, offering services ranging from online approval to web-based production environment for all participants of the production cycle, including brand owners, agencies, publishers, pre-media, printers and multichannel service provider. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and longterm profitability.
The application allows users to perform certain actions via HTTP requests without performing any validity checks to verify the requests. This can be exploited to perform certain actions with administrative privileges if a logged-in user visits a malicious web site. XSS issues were also discovered. The issue is triggered when an unauthorized input passed via multiple POST and GET parameters are not properly sanitized before being returned to the user. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user's browser session in context of an affected site.
Dalim Software GmbH - https://www.dalim.com
Affected Version
ES/ESPRiT 5.0 (build 7184.1)
(build 7163.2)
(build 7163.0)
(build 7135.0)
(build 7114.1)
(build 7114.0)
(build 7093.1)
(build 7093.0)
(build 7072.0)
(build 7051.3)
(build 7051.1)
(build 7030.0)
(build 7009.0)
(build 6347.0)
(build 6326.0)
(build 6305.1)
(build 6235.9)
(build 6172.1)
ES/ESPRiT 4.5 (build 6326.0)
(build 6144.2)
(build 5180.2)
(build 5096.0)
(build 4314.3)
(build 4314.0)
(build 4146.4)
(build 3308.3)
ES/ESPRiT 4.0 (build 4202.0)
(build 4132.1)
(build 2235.0)
Tested On
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)
CentOS 7
Apache Tomcat/7.0.78
Apache Tomcat/7.0.67
Apache Tomcat/7.0.42
Apache Tomcat/6.0.35
Vendor Status
[15.06.2017] Vulnerability discovered.
[27.06.2017] Vendor contacted.
[27.06.2017] Automatic reply from sales received.
Thank you for your inquiry, your request is very important to us.
When would be the best time within the next 24 hours to speak together to discuss your requirements in more details?
[27.06.2017] Asked vendor to provide a contact for security/development related issues.
[08.08.2017] No response from the vendor.
[09.08.2017] Public security advisory released.
Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko Krstic - <gjoko@zeroscience.mk>
[1] https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/42437/
[2] https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/143691
[3] https://cxsecurity.com/issue/WLB-2017080061
[4] https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/vulnerabilities/130312
[5] https://exchange.xforce.ibmcloud.com/vulnerabilities/130313
[09.08.2017] - Initial release
[17.08.2017] - Added reference [1], [2], [3], [4] and [5]
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